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Get custom software tailored to your business from EGK Systems:
  • data entry screens
  • data conversion & filtering
  • custom reports
  • time and billing systems
  • inventory management
  • document generators
  • web data publication
  • event registration
  • custom databases for web sites
  • custom databases for in-house use

The right tools can really make a difference in the efficiency of your operations. Our custom programs provide the means to share, process and benefit from your business information. Small projects are welcome here. If you need an alternative to your Excel workbooks, we can write a dedicated program to replace it.

programming languages

Your project will come to life with our powerful programming language skills. For new desktop-based projects, we prefer Delphi or C because they are so efficient. We can work with existing projects written in dBase, Clipper, Fox, Access, VB, VBA, Pascal, and BASIC to name a few. Whether your project is new or an update to something older, we have a broad range of experience to understand its language and solve your problems. Assistance from EGK Systems is just a phone call away.

rapid application development saves you money

Benefit more for your programming investment when you contract with EGK Systems. Our proven RAD tools and libraries are optimized to give you programs that are fast, clean and reliable. You save money because we've already developed or licensed code to solve the majority of business programming issues. Instead of paying for "re-inventing the wheel", you get the benefit of our libraries combined with new code that is custom-made just for your situation.

windows to linux and beyond

Experience programming from people who intimately know and use the most popular operating systems. We support Microsoft Windows (all versions), Linux, SCO and Solaris operating systems. Although we do not support native Mac programs, our web-based software works with all operating systems that have a web browser.

real programmers get the job done

Your job goes only to programmers with at least 12 years experience in business application development. Our experienced staff can avoid "road blocks" that stop other developers cold. If a Windows software component does not exist, we have the power to create a new one and then continue your project to completion.


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