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April 2010


media for the masses

The Internet can provide a very low-cost, content-rich format for your business advertising. 

Search engines alone are rarely enough to promote the small business. A good web site promotional campaign uses every possible means to invite people to the company web site. 

At EGK Systems, you can get a complete campaign from print through web:

  • Web design
  • DVD video presentations
  • Printed media
  • Cable TV commercials

Newspaper ads, TV spots and postcards can drive people to your web site. Small ads in local papers are inexpensive and very effective. It's quite possible that you found out about us through a classified ad. We've had very good results with a combination of postcards and classifieds.

DVD videos are a new sales tool. Duplication costs are less than $1.50 per disk in many cases, and each disk holds hours of high quality material. It's your chance to show clients around your business, and tell them your story first hand. Call us to find out how you could be sending out your company story to the thousands of people who have a DVD player. Instead of that worn out video tape, you could be sending out a clean, exciting and informative message to your clients.

Call EGK Systems for help with the entire DVD process from video production through the final package. 




better business through art and technology

Computer programming and design combines the elements of style with practical utility. The technical process does the work, yet the artistic sense makes the tool accessible, useful and pleasing. For user interfaces that present information in a clean and simple manner, call on EGK Systems for your next design.

the tough get going! make changes to stay in the game

This is the right time to build a new web site or create labor saving computer software systems so that your business will be ready when the economy picks up.

simple sites are okay with us

A site that works is better than 1,000 sites that don't. We're happy to help with small projects for small businesses that have big ideas.

why call EGK systems? we get your software programming job done!

While you are busy on the phone, we're working on your project. Instead of a new employee to train and equip, you get a highly motivated team for your important project, a team that understands business first hand. 

print a copy of our services list to keep on file in case you need it in the future

Click here to display a printer friendly EGK Systems services sheet for your files. We are available to work alone or with your team. If you are a computer professional, we're happy to work with you to enhance your team. EGK Systems is your source for web design, consulting and programming in Pasadena, California.

network design

Consulting services are available on a limited basis. Are you thinking about a new computer room or new office?  More...



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EGK Systems is your source for business computer programming and web design in Pasadena California and surrounding areas. Programming services available in Delphi, C, Access, SQL and ASP. For service, call 626.792.7872.