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April 2010

Programming Case Study #1

Industry: Financial Services
Credit Reporting

The Problem: Credit data was shipped to our client on various types of media, including large format 9 track tapes requiring special hardware to read the data. Shipping charges were very expensive.

The data comes from various organizations, each of which has a slightly different data structure. 

The data had to be manually groomed before it could be added to the in-house database.

The time and trouble of acquiring and grooming the data almost outweighed the benefit of having the data.

Technologies: Windows; SunOS; Sybase; Delphi; MDaemon more case studies...

what's in store for you

You can save money otherwise wasted on postage and menial labor with our automated data translation and transmission systems, which are custom tailored to your needs. You can have automatic updates from outside businesses 24 hours per day. When your affiliates get into XML (we wish they would!), we can handle that for you too.  

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One call does the job. We can solve data transmission and conversion problems for YOU. 




DataGate, a data translation and import utility designed and implemented by EGK Systems:

Solution: a Windows-based application that receives data from third party sources via e-mail and adds it to an existing in-house SQL database residing on a UNIX system. 

The program automatically checks the structure of the data received. If it detects problems with the data structure, it sends a report back to the sender explaining the problem encountered. Otherwise, it sends a confirmation that the data was received. 

The application includes data-parsers customized for individual contributors to convert their data format to the format of the in-house database. After the data is converted, it is automatically up-loaded to the in-house database that resides on a UNIX server.

An electronic data interchange handbook was given to the organizations contributing data.  It documents the preferred format for data and explains the process.

Benefits:  Data contributors are happy. They save shipping and media expenses, which makes it easier for them to send data. They send data more often, so the data they send is more current.

How about a similar solution for your company? We can do it for you in record time!

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